The project

The idea for this exhibit came to us over a cup of herbal tea in the cold month of December 2013. As we chatted, we realized we had things in common, and that we could walk part of our journey together. This is how we found ourselves working together long distance (Marta lives in Ibiza, Spain; I live in Gubbio, Italy) and yet close together in our desire to communicate, to “expose ourselves”, to intertwine our experiences, work and emotions.
As we progressed, we were surprised to find ourselves talking about a project within a project. We began talking about our desire to use art as a tool that unites and integrates. Textiles unite us as a means of expression and as a tool for weaving relationships.
The idea began here, from the fabric that is itself an integration of warp and weft, and has the “vocation to unite”.
Hands… they serve to unite

THE INTEGRATED FABRIC Art Project begins here      

Francesca Nicchi

The idea is to join together our “pieces” and all the “pieces” that will be sent to us during the next three months, or for those living in Gubbio and its vicinity, that will be brought directly to us on the day of the inauguration or throughout the duration of the exhibit. The message behind this collective artwork is one of unity and generosity. Sewing all the pieces together becomes an act of stitching and healing wounds.
We will be the tools necessary to carry out this action, joining the emotions that each participant decides to share with us by donating a piece of their world. We will work together for the duration of the exhibit to unite these universes.

Marta al lavoro nel suo atelier di Ibiza

The “time” needed to create this “integrated fabric” art project serves to remind us that we are all a part of everything, and will correspond with the duration of the exhibit. When completed, THE INTEGRATED FABRIC ART PROJECT will become an installation to be exhibited as testimony to the work done and as a poetic message of unity and sharing.
Our creations will be on display at our exhibit but that is not all, something that has yet to happen will also be there! Visitors can simply observe our work but there is also the opportunity to participate for those who wish to do so, for those who wish to give testimony, with their own contribution, of the message behind this project.
For those who wish to participate in “integrating the fabric”, but are not able to do so in person, it will be possible to send your work before December 10, 2014 to the following address:

Francesca Nicchi
Via Perugina, 97
Gubbio (PG) – 06024

There are no artistic and expressive restrictions, if not that, the piece can be sewn to the others. The maximum dimensions must not exceed 50cm x 50cm. Anyone can participate, regardless of gender, age or nationality.
It is here that we begin, from the desire to converge the multiple colours within each of us, and from the “vocation to unite”.
The art exhibit will be held in Gubbio (PG), Italy, in the Palazzo dei Consoli (Palace of the Consuls), from December 19, 2014 to January 6, 2015.
Francesca e Marta



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